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Virunga Fund

The mountain gorilla is the largest of all the gorillas and the most endangered. Only 820 remain, and most live in the Virunga mountains in Central Africa. Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo is home to about 200 of these magnificent creatures. As a result of habitat loss and poaching, mountain gorillas are in a desperate fight for their survival. Without the help of people like you, these gentle animals will be lost forever. This is your chance to help protect them – right here, right now.

Save the Elephants

Over the past century the ivory trade decimated African elephant populations, reducing their numbers by  half. Though they once inhabited all of Africa, their range is now confined mainly to reserves. As human activities like farming progressively encroach on elephant habitat, and as illegal poaching for ivory persists, the world’s largest land mammals continue to face intense pressure. You can make a crucial difference by supporting Save the Elephants.


Fewer than 3200 tigers remain in the wild. This mighty cat has vanished from 93% of its historic range. Tiger parts are used in traditional medicine across Asia, with a heavy demand in China. Illegal trade in wildlife products is a booming business, and is estimated to yield more than $6 billion a year. Not only are tigers hunted, but their habitat and prey are disappearing as human populations expand. Join Panthera in its efforts to stop poaching and protect the tiger’s remaining critical habitat. 

Wildlife Conservation Network

Lions are disappearing at a rapid rate. As late as the 1940s there were about 400,000 across Africa with current population estimates around 20,000. Massive lion die-offs in recent years have been linked to our changing climate. Severe droughts have led to major distemper outbreaks among lions and the problem may only get worse. Agricultural expansion continues to reduce lion habitat making survival even more difficult. Now is the time to act. Will you take a moment to help?


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